Trend on Trial: Big Bags

Look, I’ve seen the photos. I know that Katie Holmes looks ridiculous carrying an Hermès the size of a body bag. I’m not condoning that we all start living like vagabonds with all our worldly possessions strapped to our backs. However, I am willing to argue the merits of the giant purse. First of all, you’d be shocked how convenient it is to have somewhere to shove random stuff. Like when you get to the grocery store and realize that you totally forgot to bring the reusable grocery bags that you were so proud of yourself for buying, you can just cram your bell peppers and soymilk into the big purse and, Voila! You are a green-conscious goddess. Also, we take a lot of pride and care in choosing JUST the right bag to go with an outfit. Wouldn’t it be more fun if the bag were PART of the outfit? You can wear a simple black dress, some subtle heels and then sling a huge and totally wild bag over your shoulder (like the fabulous Monica Botkier for Target bag above) and create some major impact where there previously was none. You can’t get that kind of effect with just an average sized bag. And finally, who likes to be late to dinner because you were trying to switch your stuff into an evening bag, only to get to the restaurant and realize you forgot your wallet? If you carry a tiny purse inside your huge bag, you can whip out the little one when you arrive, but still have the comfort of knowing that anything else you could need is still in your big magic bag, waiting in the car.

My Verdict: Big bags get a big thumbs up.

Does it Work in Charlotte?: Are you kidding me? The land of the well-groomed soccer mom who does it all and looks great doing it? How do you think she pulls that off without a big bag to haul all her tricks?

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(photo courtesy of Target)

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