Trend on Trial: Bustier/Corset Dresses

When we spotted January Jones’ corseted Dolce & Gabbana dress on the red carpet at the Emmy awards, we’ll admit, we had some seriously mixed feelings. After all, it’s January Jones aka Betty Draper from Mad Men. Her character is one who makes you want to give up all of the progress women have made in the last 40 years just to be able to wear her housewife attire. Oh, and also to be married to the dashing Don Draper. (Ok, our total and complete obsession with Mad Men will have to be saved for another entry.)

Anyway, we weren’t sure how to feel about the fact that one of our favorite fashionable actresses looked a little like she had forgotten to put on the dress over her corset. But, the thing was, it totally worked. She looked beautiful. Which led us to wonder, is bustier/corset wearing not only allowed in public, but increasingly acceptable as fashionable? We think the answer might be yes. And truth be told, we blame this almost entirely on Dolce & Gabbana.

Here are a few bustier numbers we think can look good (both in and out of the privacy of your own home): Satin and Lace tube dress at Forever 21, Maggie London sheath dress at Nordstrom, Tweed Tube Dress at Charlotte Russe (above).

The verdict: The key to this fashion is wearing what fits your body—and your style. Too loose and you look like you’re trying to hide something. Too tight and you’ll have no secrets left. Be prepared to flaunt those curves.

Will it work in Charlotte? Sure. At appropriate events and venues.

What do you think?