Trend on Trial: Color for Fall

I LOVE fall.

I am a little fickle in this matter because as soon as warm weather comes around after months of winter, I have the exact same sentiment. However, there is something about the idea of being able to work with a wardrobe that hasn’t seen the outside of my closet in six months that sounds pretty fantastic right now—especially considering that at this moment I’m wearing the same sun dress and sandals I’ve worn about eighty times since the thermometer crept above sixty degrees last spring.

But this fall, I am extra-excited because I am obsessed with the structured dresses, the colorful tights, and the fact that boots are still going strong. Best of all? This fall, colors are staying past Labor Day.

Sure, there are the obligatory greys, blacks, and browns, but this year, the runways are filled with colors—specifically pink and purple hues, like this purple Nicole Miller dress above (which I want to wear tomorrow, regardless of the ninety degree weather). It works with boots and tights. It’s beautiful. And it doesn’t make her look like she’s on her way to a funeral.

My Verdict: I don’t actually have time to write my verdict because I’m too busy shopping for my all-purple fall wardrobe.

Will it work in Charlotte? Southern women tend to love color—hello Lily Pulitzer!—I think we might just be these designers’ target audience.

You can find Nicole Miller apparel at Coco Fleur, Coplon’s, Nordstrom, and several other Charlotte locations. Check online at for more locations.

Want to appeal our verdict? Make your claim in the comments below.

SC (photo courtesy of Nicole Miller)

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