Trend on Trial: Croc Nadia Boots

No, your eyes do not deceive you. What you are looking at appears to be a most unholy of unions between a Croc and an Ugg.  It’s like the footwear equivalent of a mullet, except that instead of business on top and party in the back, it’s more like, “Sensible but hideous summer yard shoe at the bottom, warm but overplayed and wooly mammoth-like boot on top.” 

Undoubtedly, this is one comfortable shoe. We are forever hearing people wax poetic about their undying love for their Crocs and/or Uggs and how they understand that they are ugly but they can’t help it because they are so comfortable. Comfort is important, we grant you that, but forgoing style in the name of it is a slippery slope, and we do believe that the designers over at Croc have slid down that slope and landed arse over ankles in this boot. 
The Verdict: It should be painfully clear where we come down on this one.  However we would like to point out that we think the shade of berry pink that these monstrosities come in is a totally charming color, and we’d like to have a suede pump or cowl neck sweater of the same color.  However this is not enough to redeem them. Not even close. 
Will it Work in Charlotte?:  We fear that the answer is yes. Based on the number of Crocs and Uggs we see being worn on the feet of Charlotteans (female and male) year round, we have to imagine that there will be quite the market for this horrific hybrid. And, at just $59, they are attractively affordable, and, as we are sure it will be argued, incredibly comfortable. 
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