Trend on Trial: Extra-High Boots

So, last fall I said to anyone who would listen “I think that next year boots that go over the knee are going to be huge.” Most of the responses I received to this statement were something along the lines of “Ew, those look like stripper boots. Who wears thigh high boots?”

Well, as it turns out, I’m not sure we’re to the “huge” prediction I made, but boots are making their way up the leg this fall… and not just on strippers. These above are by Stella McCartney ($895) and, while they do have a bit of an eau de pole dancing about them, I have to admit I kind of like them. On the other hand, I absolutely love these by Chinese Laundry (made famous by their appearance on Blake Lively of Gossip Girl). I think that flat versus heel makes a big difference in the high boots. But, I also think that if you have the legs, wear these please so that the rest of us can just appreciate how fashionable you are. Oh, and also so my prediction can be true.

The verdict
: Ok, they’re not exactly the best thing to hit the pavement since gladiator sandals or riding boots, but they’re high style and they look hot. (Disclaimer: It is important to wear these boots with the correct attire. Otherwise you do run the stripper look alike risk.)

Will it work in Charlotte? Maybe. I’m not completely sure on this one. I’m trying to imagine these guys for a night out at M5 or in Uptown and I’m hesitant. You’re going to have to be brave for this trend.

What do you think?