Trend on Trial: Hippie Chic

In case you’re coming in late on this one, last Friday Jenn challenged to me to one week of dressing boho/hippie. As someone who frequently fantasizes about being a gypsy-esque nomad, wandering through fields of daisies and talking about free love, this seemed a prime opportunity to dress for my dream. (Plus, Jenn said she’d give me a gift card to Lowes if I did it. Because, you know, every free spirit wants a Lowes gift card.)

I’ve learned a lot over the last week of dressing in flowy attire and wearing random things on my head. I thought I’d share my new wealth of fashion-related knowledge with you. And so, without further ado, here is “Sarah’s Top 10 things she learned as a pseudo-hippie”:

10) Headbands around your head hurt. They may look all cool and “look at me, I want world peace,” but they feel like someone is squeezing your brain.

9) It’s hard to type and wear bangle bracelets at the same time. I can see why people didn’t bring their laptops to Woodstock.

8) If you wear a daisy and a braid in your hair, be prepared for people to call you things like “hippie chick.” If you wear a fedora, be prepared for them to call you things like “Britney Spears.”

7) Warning: Dressing like a hippie may tempt you to actually say things like “I just feel like society pressures us into making decisions like marriage by telling us those choices will bring happiness. And that’s just not true, man.”

6) It’s hard to ask people to take you seriously when you’re wearing 14 necklaces.

5) Calling your style “boho” is an excellent excuse to wear very loose-fitting clothing in public and not just look like a slob.

4) Hippie attire is best suited for places that are not professional. Answering emails while wearing a leather band around your head just seems odd. Clearly, leather band wearers should be frolicking through a sunny field and talking about free love.

3) Hippie and boho and gypsy can get all mixed up sometimes. When in doubt, just ask yourself this question: Would Sienna Miller wear it?

2) Scarves are the best invention known to man. Ever.

1) Dressing hippie/boho is fun. And generally comfortable. And kind of cool. But it’s probably a good idea to refrain from doing it at work. Unless, you know, you happen to be doing it for a work-related blog. (Best excuse ever to live the dream for a week.)

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