Trend on Trial: Open toe ankle boots with tights?!?

As you may have deduced from my incredulous punctuation in the title of this post, I am postively dumbfounded by this image I just stumbled across.  It’s like my brain can’t even process it all! Ankle boots! White tights! Is that a TOE!? Open toe ankle boots? With footless tights?  Is this some sort of prank?

I seriously cannot begin to fathom that open-toe ankle boots worn with footless textured tights could ever even approach being a "trend", but all of those items are definitely available for sale, and I suppose it was inevitable that someone would have tried to put them together eventually, so I will try to work through this like an adult:


Pros:  Ankle boots have grown on me. The right pair, with the right tights, can make an outfit look extra kicky and cute. They are an interesting alternative to pumps and maryjanes, and they are an excellent way to show off cute textured tights that would otherwise get covered up by tall boots.

Cons: I’m sorry, did you not see her toe?!?!  Textured tights, textured tights, textured tights – WHAT! Toe! She’s wearing tights! What happened! Even though I know footless tights exist, I think in order for them to be acceptable you have to be able to see more of the foot to understand that it too is tight-less. Otherwise it just looks like you poked a hole in the foot of your tights, which, while a common problem, is not classy in any way shape or form. 

Verdict: No. I am sorry. This "trend" belongs behind bars. For life. Deputy, take that open toe ankle boot into custody. While you are at it, cuff the other one too. I am going to charge them being an accessory to the crime (pun intended, thank you very much.)

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