Trend on Trial: Ruffled shirts

There is nothing more fabulously feminine than a face framed with floaty, frothy ruffles (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with the alliteration). Ralph Lauren’s spring and summer line was full of ruffled necklines, and the trend showed up on runways for fall as well. Paired with more structured pieces (like a pencil skirt, trouser pant, or crisp pair of tailored jeans) ruffles are the perfect way to look done up without having to do much at all. As long as you can withstand a few “Seinfield Puffy Shirt” jokes from the men in your life, there is no reason you shouldn’t be rushing out to buy ruffles right away. They look great under a classic blazer, ladylike under cashmere cardy, downright sexy when they’re attached to a dress with a plunging neckline or low back, and can fare just fine on their own (like the Boss Black ruffle front blouse ($450) from Nordstrom above). Just go easy on the accessories from the neck up or you’ll risk looking like an over-trimmed Christmas tree. A statement bracelet, delicate watchband, or bold cocktail ring is all you need to complete the look.

The verdict: Ruffles are a “can’t miss” for classy ladies this fall.

Will it work in Charlotte?:
Of course it will. I think even Queen Charlotte herself would approve, after all, a collar of crisp ruffles is a callback to the high-backed collars worn by the royals.

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(photo courtesy of Nordstrom)

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