Trend on Trial: Sandals in Fall

Ok, here’s a question. This summer, I (along with the rest of the world) purchased a pair of those flat gladiator-ish looking sandals (see above). Mine are gold and to say that I have worn them frequently doesn’t really give justice to the amount of time these guys have spent on my feet. The only problem is, fall has arrived. (Well, not really, it’s 90 degrees outside, but it’s September and they’re already showing spring fashions on the runway so in “fashion world,” fall is here.) And, as this is the first summer I have owned a pair of shoes quite like this, I don’t know how much longer I should continue to wear them. Help me?

You see, prior to yesterday I thought that I was just pushing the time limit on these shoes because I have an undying love of flat, open shoes (read: flip flops). However, after scoping out runway shots from Fashion Week yesterday I saw plenty of front row-ers wearing them. And now I’m confused all over again.

The verdict: No idea.

Will it work in Charlotte? If there’s any place you could get away with open toed shoes in various seasons, it is Charlotte, the land where Rainbows reign supreme.

What do you think?

(photo by Chris Edwards of Bermuda Sandal by Dolce Vita $98 at poole shop)

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