Ulrich Lang at Jeffre Scott

I don’t usually like to generalize, but I think most women can be divided into two groups:  those who like to wear and try lots of different perfumes and those who find one and wear it until they die.  I fall into the latter category. I latched on to a bottle of Clinique Happy Heart when it debuted around Valentine’s Day in 2003 and I’ve never looked back.  My mom has been wearing the same delicate Alfred Sung fragrance since my brother was born 23 years ago. On the other side of the spectrum, dining and style editor Sarah Crosland has a whole vanity table filled with beautiful designer fragrance bottles and wears a different one every day.

Well, no matter which type you are, when it comes to what women spray, touch and rub onto their necks and wrists, Ulrich Lang is an expert. He works with luxury retailers across the country to help them cultivate the perfect collection of unique scents to carry on their shelves that will intoxicate perfume addicts and scent scaredy cats (like me) alike.  He’ll be at Jeffre Scott this weekend to offer advice and guidance to help you choose the scent that is right for you.

They’ll also be serving bottles of bubbly prosecco! My favorite!

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