Up in Flames

Nowadays NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield's life sounds a lot less like that of a professional athlete and more like an episode from Jerry Springer. Mayfield's former bosses claim he's a meth head after he tested positive during a random drug test. His stepmother is suing him for slander because he called her a whore. And Mayfield is suing her, stating that she killed his father. Need a recap on the drama? Here are this season's most dramatic installments in chronological order.

  • "They are hellbent on proving Jeremy Mayfield is wrong." —John Buric, one of Mayfield's attorneys, to WCNC after NASCAR released the results of a second test (given on July 6) saying Mayfield once again tested positive for the drug. The Mayfield camp claims that just forty minutes after he tested positive for that NASCAR test, he took another test at an independent lab, where he came up clean.
  • "[NASCAR CEO] Brian France talking about effective drug programs is like having Al Capone talking about effective law enforcement." —Mayfield in an interview with ESPN.com.
  • "I have never taken methamphetamines in my life." Mayfield wrote in an affidavit. (He says the positive drug test was from Adderall and Claritin-D.)
  • "I saw Jeremy use methamphetamine by snorting it up his nose at least thirty times during the seven years I was around him. Jeremy used methamphetamine not only in my presence, but also when we were both in the presence of others." —Lisa Mayfield, the NASCAR driver's stepmother, in an affidavit NASCAR submitted in court documents as part of their case against him.
  • "This driver has absolutely no history of drug abuse. If he had that volume of methamphetamine in his system when they tested him, he would be a walking zombie or dead." —Mayfield's attorney Bill Diehl told U.S. District Court Judge Graham Mullen.
  • The "likelihood of a false positive in this case is quite substantial." —Judge Mullen. He then granted Mayfield permission to race again, though he hasn’t yet due to lack of sponsors.
  • "Get a sample of his hair to find out if he's a meth head." —Judge Mullen.
  • "She's basically a whore. She shot and killed my dad." —Mayfield to ESPN.com's David Newton about his stepmother. "She's a gold digger. I knew that from day one."
  • "I would be surprised if he ever gets on the racetrack again." —ESPN NASCAR reporter Marty Smith.
  • "She said she was gonna come back and kill me, that she wasn't done with us. She kept calling him the ‘n' word over and over." —Shana Mayfield referring to Jeremy's stepmother Lisa's threats on August 15. Two days after the incident, in which Jeremy accused his step-mother of trespassing, Shana took out a restraining order against Lisa.
  • "If they want it, I cut it about once a week, so we can do that. Whatever we've got to do." —Mayfield in an interview with WCNC regarding the request to test a sample of his hair.  
  • "It's for sure a spiked sample." —Mayfield after taking those two drug tests, claiming NASCAR doctored the one that tested positive for meth.


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