Vintage Wine Cellar is smart

In what may be the best marketing tool (or the best use of space), Vintage Wine Cellar ( ) has transformed its entryway to a cool wooden matrix of sorts to feature its "15 Under $15" selections. I rarely buy a bottle over $20 so the idea that I now had 15 bottles all under $15 to choose from right in front of me — ranging in everything from an Australian Shiraz to a Napa Valley Chardonnay — was, if anything, a relief. No more searching for me. The staff, too, was extremely helpful, pointing me in the right direction when I asked for a light Shiraz or Pinot Noir that wasn't too pricey (I actually skipped the $15 offerings, though just having it there made me feel like I was getting great customer service). Among the ultra-cool labels, one staffer chose a $12 Shiraz for me. And though I haven't cracked it open yet, I'm pretty confident it'll be perfect.