Wait, People Are Running for Governor, Too?

In all the sound and fury over the race for the Democratic nomination for president, you may have (a) forgotten that we're electing a governor this year, or (b) that Pat McCrory isn't the only candidate in the race. Here's a guide that we guarantee you won't see anywhere else.

Richard Moore

Current gig: North Carolina treasurer
Hometown: Oxford
Known for: Besides almost-perfect hair, leading disaster relief during aftermath of hurricanes Floyd and Fran, earning the nickname "Flood Stud." Also, raising money any which way he can.
Slung mud: Recent ad accuses Beverly Perdue of securing funds for an expensive, little-used bridge in her hometown of New Bern while traffic problems mount elsewhere in the state, including here.
What he might do for Charlotte: Some of his most generous campaign contributors live here; he won't forget them.

Beverly Perdue

Current gig: N.C. lieutenant governor
Hometown: Grundy, Va. Raised in New Bern.
Known for: Casting deciding vote on state lottery, and leading fight to keep state's military bases open. Also, raising money any which way she can.
Slung mud: Often accuses Moore of mismanaging state pension fund.
What she might do for Charlotte: She has strong ties to New Bern, and traditionally the eastern part of the state doesn't look too fondly upon Charlotte.

Bill Graham

Current gig: Lawyer in Salisbury
Hometown: Dunn
Known for: Running as an outsider, far right Republican, and crusading against the state gas tax.
Slung mud: The political newcomer hasn't been able to afford to sling mud.
What he might do for Charlotte: If he somehow makes it to Raleigh, our guess is not much.

Pat McCrory

Current gig: Mayor of a little place called Charlotte
Hometown: Jamestown
Known for: Besides perfect hair, advocating for downtown projects and long-term transit solutions. As gubernatorial candidate, cites issues of gangs, crime, and illegal immigration.
Slung mud: As poll leader, has only attacked sitting governor Mike Easley. That will change if he wins the primary.
What he might do for Charlotte: Stands to reason he'll represent the city better than any of the candidates, unless he overcorrects to avoid political backlash.

Bob Orr

Current gig: Retired N.C. Supreme Court Justice
Hometown: Hendersonville
Known for: Being a bit of a maverick Republican candidate with a poorly funded campaign. Has said he might sue U.S. government over illegal immigration.
Slung mud: From his unedited blog: "Pat [McCrory], frankly, is getting on my nerves. . . . If I have to listen to him crow about his leadership anymore, I might have to take anti-nausea medicine."
What he might do for Charlotte: Well, he seemed to enjoy the ACC tournament. Maybe he'll help us get it back?

Fred Smith

Current gig: N.C. state senator
Hometown: Raleigh
Known for: Checking in at the far right of the political spectrum, being the only Republican with a chance to beat McCrory in the primary.
Slung mud: Attacked Mayor Pat for being too liberal and for building Charlotte Bobcats Arena without voters' consent.
What he might do for Charlotte: Little to nothing.

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