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Dilemma of the day: Picky Bridesmaid

While the number of ensembles in which the bride may slip into throughout her wedding day and night is pretty much unlimited–I've seen a stunning (not to mention seamless) swap of ceremony, reception and grand exit outfits in countless weddings I've attended, bridesmaid dresses are an entirely different story. Maybe it's going hand-in-hand with the floor-length gowns that are currently trending again, but I've heard increasing numbers of brides stressing over 'maids requesting permission for a quick-switch into something more comfortable when the ceremony is done. The timid bride may shrug off the suggestion and give her blessing, and the Type A bride may spin out in a frenzy. So let's assume that neither scenario is ideal, and seek out a more middle-ground fix. 

Talk It Out. The best first step to addressing the issue is to simply have a conversation with her. Ask her why she wishes to change in a polite, non-accusatory way. Remember, it's just a conversation. Once she's expressed her concerns or dislikes about the designated dress, you have a few options.

Dress Redux. First, if the dress has not yet been ordered, and it's fit, size or style that has her stressing, you can pursue attempting to find another option in which she feels more comfortable. Don't forget that mismatched dresses of the same hue are definitely still on trend. Another option if the dress has been ordered: suggest a trip to a reputable tailor. Often times a talented tailor will be able to work wonders with an unflattering dress. 

Your Side. Finally you can explain to her that the bottom line is, since you've asked her to fill a sentimental and special role for your big day, that it would mean a great deal to you for her to keep her visual identification to the group for the entirety of the evening. Likely she has not quite considered this important point and is simply stuck on some unflattering or uncomfortable aspect of the dress. By making the point about her being a part of the group, rather than the day being about you and what you want, you avoid coming off as the bridezilla–and you're more likely to get your way. 

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