Wedding Rehearsal Etiquette

Wedding rehearsals and dinners are supposed to be the easy part, right? Yet there are so many questions about proper etiquette that brides are unaware of. A lot of planning must go into the Big Day Before The Big Day, so make sure you give it the appropriate attention it deserves…

Who pays the bill?
Tradition says the groom's parents host the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. But hey, this is the 21st Century! Many couples are opting to pay for it themselves or let their closest friends play host.

Who attends the rehearsal dinner?
Anna Post gave a great answer to that question in the January 2010 issue of Charlotte Wedding. Check it out here.

Should it be fancy or casual?
That really depends on you. Would you rather have a fancy-sit down dinner, or a casual picnic? Let the groom's parents know what you would prefer and let them take care of it (unless you are going 21st Century and doing the planning yourself).

When should invitations go out?
Four weeks before the rehearsal.

What about toasts?
Many people feel more comfortable giving toasts at the rehearsal dinner rather than the reception, as the crowd is a lot fewer in number. Encourage the fathers of the bride and groom, and even some close friends, to say a few words on how awesome you are.

Don't forget the actual rehearsal…
Practice the ceremony a few times so that everyone involved feels comfortable. Then go home and get a good night's sleep before the big day!

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