Weekend Ahead: April 2-5

Paint the Town Pink bar crawl for Susan G. Komen
Pony up $5 at a participating bar this Friday (full list of locations at www.komencharlotte.org) and you’ll get a special pink cup that you can carry with you all night long to 12 different bars – present it and you’ll get a deal on drinks and the proceeds from the cups will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. Sarah and I used to do something similar in college – we’d carry around our own personalized, paint-penned plastic cups to all the parties on campus…. not to support charity, but rather to avoid catching mono from a sea of indistinguishable red Solo cups. Sarah got mono anyway, but it was still valiant effort on our part.

Fast & Furious Opens in Theaters
“Okay guys, Paul Walker has run out of money and Vin Diesel is tired of people asking him if he is the guy in all those family-friendly Disney movies, so it looks like it’s time for us to make the 4th sequel to The Fast and The Furious. What should we call it? Four Fast Four Furious? Still Fast and Still Furious? No wait, I’ve got it. Fast & Furious. It’s like SO much faster sounding without those pesky “the” ‘s getting in the way, don’t you think? And that ampersand is just so FURIOUS looking! I love it. Cut it, print it, we’ve ourselves a movie, folks!” There is no other possible explanation for this movie’s existence.
For times and theaters go to www.movies.com

80’s awesomeness on your TV
Somehow despite her fervent intentions to the contrary, Sarah keeps ending up at EpiCentre on the weekend without putting up much of a fight. I have the same problem, except that I keep ending up in front of my Tivo – and this weekend I don’t stand a chance. I am a full on SUCKER for the 80’s. It stems from my deep deep love for Back to the Future, a movie that is so 80’s even the FUTURE they predict looks like 80’s! Just, you know, with flying cars. Anyway, I’ll be parked in front of my decidedly un-80’s flat screen TV this Friday watching Can’t Buy Me Love on Oxygen at 7pm, and savoring my way through the Greatest One Hit Wonders of the 80’s on VH1 ( of course, VH1 will be running it a few times back to back, godblessem). A gangly Patrick Dempsey, fringed suede outfits, and a dash of Dexy’s Midnight Runners? That sounds like a fabulous Friday night to me.

Staying Ahead Carolina Spring Showcase Online
A lot of people these days seem to be experiencing the economic crisis via the internet: reading up-to-the-minute, depressing news stories, looking for jobs, checking the ever-dwindling bank balance, looking for jobs again, twittering about looking for jobs, emailing resumes, updating LinkedIn profiles, looking up one way tickets to Bora Bora, etc., etc. Well here is one thing you can do online that might be a bit more constructive for our local economy: join the discussion going on at Staying Ahead Carolina, an online business networking group created by a local real estate gal who wanted people to have a place to talk about their successes and their challenges in the Charlotte markets. This Friday, she’ll be posting a relavant prompt which any and everyone is invited to respond to. Obviously there are plenty of hot button issues that are worthy of discussion, so tuning in to read some of the conversation couldn’t hurt. (That “Kill me now, I have $0.47 cents in my checking account” tweet can wait until later.)
For more info visit the Staying Ahead Carolina Facebook Group

Cheech & Chong Light Up America
This infamous duo has taken to the road for their first tour in over 25 years and the Queen City is the fourth stop on their list. They must have sensed that Charlotteans could stand to “relax” and “chill out” a little bit. How astute of them. Say, I wonder what they’d suggest we do to stimulate the economy – maybe invent a new cash crop? Perhaps they will enlighten us in between songs.
Thursday April 2, 8:00pm, Ovens Auditorium.
Tickets available at Ticketmaster.com