Weekend Ahead: August 6 – 9

You’ll have to excuse our lack of shop talking this week… both Charlotte Magazine (Sarah’s gig) and Charlotte TRIP (Jenn’s domain) ship their September issues to the printer right about now so we tend to get tunnel vision, which sadly means that fanciful thoughts of sales, shopping, and our critiques of each other’s outfits (Sarah’s lacks a much-needed scarf today) have to be set aside in the name of, well, our jobs. That’s not going to stop us from giving you a peek at what this weekend has in store!

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Anyway, on with the weekend!

SCORE MAJOR DEALS: Overstock Avenue Warehouse Sale AND Tax Free Weekend

Our friend Rachel Sutherland over at the Observer has done a great job summing up just how awesome this weekend could be for your closet. She also gives some great tips on how not to be hoodwinked with a deal that isn’t really a deal at all. Check out her blog post for details on the amazing cache of discount duds on the racks at the Overstock Avenue Warehouse sale and then hit the ATM to get cash so you can claim your share.

WATCH CUTE BOYS CROON: Coldplay AND Avett Brothers

Sarah, boldly taking one for the team, has purchased tickets to both of these shows. She’ll be toughing it out Friday and Saturday night, watching soulful Chris Martin vocally emote the first night, and swooning over local-turned-national favorites, The Avett bros on Saturday. I know. I feel so sorry for her. If you’d like to offer her moral support by joining her at either of these shows, you better hurry. Tickets aren’t easy to come by.


I was born and raised a football girl. I look forward to the first pre-season kick off more than I probably should, and I’ve been known to shed a tear or two over a (ahem) playoff loss (or two). But the sadness is easily forgotten for all Panther when fall rolls around, and those reinvigorated fans will be out in full force at this annual fest. The day kicks off with a 5k road race, followed by fan contests on the field, peformances by those love-or-hate-em TopCats, and a Panthers practice and scrimmage beginning at 11 a.m.

Saturday, August 8, Bank of America Stadium

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