Weekend Ahead: July 17-19

Photo of Asana Activewear from Opto International Inc.

FEEL FEMME – Martini and Manicure Night at Jon Ric Salon
It’s no secret that M5 has become a popular place for beautiful people to sip on cocktails every Friday night, but maybe you haven’t heard how those pretty people are getting so pretty: they are stopping in a Jon Ric for a $50 package that includes a manicure, hair style, and complimentary martinis and appetizers from M5. Talk about a deal that’s delicious in more ways than one.
Friday July 17, Jon Ric Salon, 4310 Sharon Rd., Ste. U-05.

STRETCH WITH STYLE – Buy 2 get 20% Off Top Sale at Asana Activewear
Confession: I recently re-embraced my gym membership for the first time since my summer 2008 wedding. It’s only $10 bucks a month, which makes it REALLY easy to not go (no $$$guilt$$$). Now that I am back on horse (or the eliptical machine, as the case may be), I can’t help but notice that my gym clothes have seen better days. Not that I don’t truly love how adorable I must look in an old P.E. shirt from middle school, or a reject from my collection of sorority theme-dance tee’s, it’s probably time that I upped my standards for workout wear. Enter Asana, where from now until Sunday, if you buy two of their colorful, flexible, practically (but still pretty) tops, you’ll get 20% off. For a girl who is only willing to pay $10 a month for the gym, this is just the sort of motivation I need.
Friday July 17 – Sunday July 19, Asana Activewear, 3920 Sharon Rd.

CRAWL ONCE MORE – NoDa Gallery Crawl
The toughest part about attending a NoDa Gallery Crawl (other than parking, which, let’s be real, isn’t always a treat) is deciding where to eat. Will it be flaky fish tacos from Cabo? Salted caramel brownies from Amelie’s? Something savory from Crepe Cellar? A slice from Revolution? Oh wait – was there some sort of art we were supposed to be looking at?
Friday July 17 – N. Davidson St.

STUFF YOUR FACE – Last Days of Queens Feast
If you haven’t made a reservation at one of the participating Queen’s Feast restaurants yet, then perhaps this will persuade you: life-changing bread pudding from Custom Shop, delectable, tender sea scallops from Upstream, slow-roasted veal porchetta from Firenze… need we go on? Pick up the phone and get in on this while it’s still going on.

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