Weekend Ahead: May 29-31

GRAB THE LEASH – PetPalooza at Freedom Park
This annual dog walk and pet festival (given by the Humane Society of Charlotte) is not only a great cause (all proceeds go to funding the search for fur-ever homes for abandoned pups and kitties), it also gives your curious pooch carte blanc to go sniff as many strange dog behinds as he can get his nose next to. Thousands turned out for last years festival which also features a Fido Fashion Show, refreshments and food vendors, live music, and more.

Saturday May 30, 8:30 am – 1:00 pm. Race starts at 9:00 am.
300 Hawthorne Ln.
For more info go to www.humanesocietyofcharlotte.org

GROW A GREEN THUMB ON THE CHEAP – Plant Sale at Pike’s Nursery
I think I may have mentioned before that I, Jenn, am the proud daughter of one heck of a gardener (in fact, today is her birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!). Sadly, I didn’t not inherit one lick of her panache with plants. I mostly just murder them. Which, actually, makes me quite excited for this sale because I can afford to buy TWO of everything and just keep the spare in reserve until I kill the first one dead! Genius! From now until June 9, all houseplants, all tropicals, quart perennials, and select 3.25″ annuals are Buy 2 Get 1 Free at Pikes Nursery. Look out Mother Nature – I’m coming for you.

12630 N Community House Rd (704) 341-7453

GUESS WHODUNIT – “Till Death Do Us Part” Murder Mystery Dinner Party
Confession: I am sort of a theater nerd. I think it’s linked to the same gene that makes me an a cappella freak. Additionally, I was raised on episodes of Murder She Wrote (the only show I was allowed to stay up past my bedtime to watch – mostly because my mom knew it would be cruel to send me to bed wondering who committed the crime.). Hence, this little live-action dinner show/murder mystery is right in my geeky wheelhouse. If you too are a closet nerd about all things showy, singy and mysterious, then come join me at the Narroway Theatre in Fort Mill for a delicious good time.

Friday, May 29. 3346 Hwy. 21, Fort Mill. For tickets go to www.CarolinaTix.com

GET YOUR FIX OF GIRL POWER – 2nd Annual Femme Fest in NoDa
If you are feeling low on estrogen, a few hours spent in NoDa this Saturday should fix you right up. This lady-friendly festival is in it’s second year of showcasing female writers, artists, musicans, song writers and filmmakers. Proceeds will benefit the ECO Center for Women. For more info, visit www.femmefestcharlotte.org.

Saturday, May 30. North Davidson & 36th Street. 5:30pm – 1:00am