Weekend Ahead: October 17-19

Casting Call for CW show.
We know plenty of adults who would deny that they watch anything on The CW, but we also know they are lying. We on the other hand, proudly admit our addiction to the teen-scene network. Specifically, Sarah devours the frothy fashion Gossip Girl and Jenn is devoted to the steamy melodrama on One Tree Hill. So, while we are both certainly tempted to show up for this casting call just in case it gets us one step closer to becoming BFF’s with Blake Lively and Sophia Bush, neither of us fits the criteria. Auditioners must be a couple in a committed relationship who have been together longer than a year but haven’t taken the marriage plunge yet. God knows what you’ll be asked to do or say to your significant other, but whatever it is, it’s all in the name of fame. (If you do get to meet Blake or Sophia, please gush on our behalf).
Saturday, October 18, 2-6pm at The Grape at South Park
4400 Sharon Rd, (704) 248-9463

Gay Bingo and the After Party at Garden & Gun Club
We’ve been dying to write about this year’s annual Gay Bingo event ever since we found out that the talented stylistas over at Shine Salon were in charge of the glam wigs to be worn by host-diva Shelita and her crew. Of course, now that the event is upon us and we can write about it, the tickets for the actual bingo portion of the event have sold out. But if you didn’t reserve a playing card you can still hit up the after party to mingle with the big winners and do your part to support RAIN, The Regional AIDS Interfaith Network. Try to get an up-close glimpse of Shelita’s beehive do! We hear it is a “can’t miss” feat of hair fashion.
Bingo starts at 7:30 p.m. Grady Cole Center, 310 N. Kings Drive.
After party cover charge is $10 without a Bingo ticket.

BLOCtober Fest at N.C. Music Factory
The words “Business Leaders of Charlotte” don’t exactly conjure the image of a rockin’ good time, but we are willing to give the ol’ BLOC (see, it’s an acronym, how clever) the benefit of the doubt, because their list of booked musical acts boasts some of the more awesome sounding band names we’ve heard in a while. We’re driven by pure curiosity to find out just what sort of music Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band and Vanilla Cornbread will play, but in case that is not motivation enough, you can also come for the German-style booze and food in the beer garden or to support the cause: the funds raised will benefit the Blumenthal Performing Art Center, Girls on the Run, and the Allegro Foundation.
Saturday, October 18, 3-9 p.m. 820 Hamilton St. $20. www.ez-tixx.com.

Panthers vs. Saints
We’ve spent the last week pretending that there was no game last Sunday. This method of truth-avoidance has been working out pretty well for us, so we are totally psyched to see the Panthers go in and win one at home after a whole week of rest. (That is what they were doing last Sunday, right? Resting on their laurels?) We hope that the weather adopts a more autumnal stance before Sunday afternoon, because our tickets are the sunny side of the stadium and the heat makes irritable – and when we get irritable we tend to take it out verbally on the Top Cats. It’s not pretty or ladylike.
Kick off at 1pm, Bank of America Stadium
Game also airs on FOX.

Clue the Musical at The Matthews Playhouse
I suppose I could go through the motions of pretending that this is just a normal event write-up and that the reason we are suggesting you go see this show is because the Technicolor costumes are worth the price of admission, but instead, I’m gonna play it straight with you: I am in it. I, Jenn, have assumed the role of Miss Scarlet, and I get to prance around in a killer red dress and dance in dangerously high heels and wear my hair in big, fabuous beauty queen curls. I am shamelessly, narcissistically, euphorically thrilled to be a part of this production and I hope that some of you, dear blog readers, might drop by to see it. The cast is chock full of theatre pros (myself excluded), the script is bursting with campy innuendo, and the music is down right catchy. Audience members get to follow along to guess who did it, in what room, with what weapon and the ending is different every night!
Opening night, Friday, October 17 at 8pm.
Tickets ($17 for adults, $15 for students and seniors) are still available at www.matthewsplayhouse.com, and the show runs through Nov. 1.