Welcome to Charlotte at Home

The best reads give you something to take away — a memorable quote, a lasting lesson, or a new train of thought. Charlotte at Home seeks to provide inspiration. As an extension of Charlotte Home + Garden magazine, Charlotte at Home gives you hands-on news, advice, and ideas. Each season the magazine profiles individuals and couples who have created spaces where they feel comfortable. We’ll highlight those stories here and show you how to get the looks that fit your lifestyle. You’ll find news about the latest store openings and weekend sales. We’ll talk about events, such as home tours, design workshops, and gardening classes. We hope each piece encourages you to do something — to relax on your back patio and enjoy a custom cocktail, to hop out of bed and snag the early bird specials, or to create that space you’ve been waiting to build for years.

When I moved to Charlotte this past spring, I tried to explore as many corners as I could. I haven’t uncovered them all, but my favorite part is the character I’ve found in each neighborhood. I grew up on a farm in Randolph County, a rural part of the state where the soil is red and the land is open. All my life I knew Charlotte as a big city with an airport. My sister played traveling softball, so I was most familiar with the youth sports parks of Harrisburg and Harris Boulevard. It wasn’t until I moved to SouthPark in April that I learned of Charlotte’s complexities. Although it’s a big place, it’s the little places inside that make up its identity. Every time I discover a neighborhood, I catalog it in my head — the best place for pizza and drinks on Friday night, the best place to shop for local gifts, the best place to gawk at gorgeous lawns, the best place to dream about living. I now have a lot of neighborhood labels, but those are only my opinions. And this blog is more than that.

Here we’ll get to see the homes and gardens that fill Charlotte’s neighborhoods through the people who dreamed about them, who built them, and who live in them. I can’t promise to be Charlotte’s best designer, gardener, homemaker, or handyman, but I’ll do my best to find those who are and bring their talents to you. When you visit Charlotte at Home, I encourage you to stay awhile and to take something with you when you leave.

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