Welcome to Revue!

Good evening, Charlotte! Beautiful night out there, eh? Too bad you’re inside, with your eyes glued to the computer. Ba-dum-CHING!

No, but seriously, folks—thanks so for coming to the opening of Revue, the city’s newest online arts and entertainment medley. While you’re here, you’ll be captivated and thrilled by fun, informative, and enticing sketches on all things cultural here in Charlotte. 

The cast is world-class, so be ready for appearances from the fabulous Mint Museum, the exquisite Opera Carolina, the adorable Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, and many, many more of the Blumenthal’s finest players. The best part? They’re all being gathered here, at www.charlottemagazine.com.

To start things off tonight, we’re going to take a look at an ensemble sketch brought to you by The Light Factory and North Carolina Dance Theatre. This Friday, August 13th, they’re joining forces (and mediums) for a showing of Dracula: Pages from a Virgin’s Diary. The film is a sensual (but not pornographic—we’re PG-13 at Revue) film version of the classic Stoker novel by director Guy Maddin, performed by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

The showing is designed partially to titillate you for the N.C. Dance Theatre’s production of Dracula, coming to the Knight Theatre this October, and partially just to creep us all out on Friday the 13th.

We hope we can convince you to take advantage of both this spine-tingling opportunity, and the city’s other great events. Maybe you’re planning to check out Leon Russell’s concert at the Neighborhood Theatre on Saturday night, or heading Uptown to catch the Charlotte Shakespeare Festival’s performance of Othello at McGlohon Theatre. Who knows! After all, there’s an awful lot to do here in Charlotte.

But as long as you’re here, at Revue, kindly silence your cell phone, get comfortable, and enjoy the show.

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