West Charlotte

With the lengthening of I-485 and a broad range of home prices, the west side of Charlotte is fast becoming a hub for affordable homes.

PROS With easy access to three major interstates, the west side has proved to be a decent investment for first-time and established homebuyers. “I’m amazed something hasn’t happened here sooner,” says Michael Knight, CEO of City View Capital, a real estate investment firm. “If you look on a map and look at roads and locations, to me, that’s the best location in Charlotte.”

CONS No matter how you spin it, there are potential problems with a major, international airport so close while some portions of west Charlotte are zoned as industrial (translation: buyer beware; your new home could back up to a power plant some day). Most importantly, there’s no ignoring the subprime issues this area has seen a lot of, making the west side a risky investment overall.

VERDICT Sure, it’s affordable, but so are Union and Cabarrus counties. We can’t get over an airport eight minutes away if we’re not living in a super-urban area. Our take: the risk is high, but the prices low—opt in if you’re a risk taker.


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