What I'm Reading This A.M.

Some interesting stuff in the big O this morning:

"Love him or hate him, but Gorman made a difference"
Once again, Tommy Tomlinson demonstrates how he’s become the conscience of the city. I admire his adventures in storytelling, but I wish he wrote more columns.

"Maybe Uptown succeeded too well"
The Observer will miss Mary Newsom when she leaves later this month. She writes the occasional hard truth, and she’s not afraid to turn an issue around and look it from a new angle. This is an example. Some interesting points raised near the end, that maybe it’s time to look elsewhere in town for future attractions like a baseball stadium.

What makes Amelie’s Amelie’s?"
In a story eerily reminiscent of the controversy that surrounded The Penguin restaurant, the owners of Charlotte’s wildly successful all-night French bakery (one of the more unlikely phrases I’ve typed this year) are suing two former customers who opened an Amelie’s in south Florida then changed the name. Was Amelie’s–gasp!–trying to franchise?

That’s three of the best writers at the Observer, at their best. It’s a paper telling stories about the soul of the city. Reminds me of the good ol’ days.

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