What Not to Say During the DNC

Want to make a good impression? Avoid mentioning any of these things to our Democratic visitors

Comedians Paul Nardizzi and Dave Barend have coauthored a book titled Things That Might Annoy a Democrat that is page after page of things to say to Democrats that are guaranteed to provoke a reaction. (They are bipartisan offenders: They also wrote Things That Might Annoy a Republican.) In good fun (seriously!), we offer these excerpts:

“Say you are absolutely disgusted with the lies in the bank industry. You know, by all those people who claimed they were going to pay their mortgages.”

“Ask him if he happens to see any irony in the fact that hundreds of thousands of copies have been printed of The Lorax.”

“Say it’s not the legislating from the bench that upsets you about activist judges. It’s that their price tags are too high.”

“Ask which is bigger: George Stephanopoulos’ name or George Stephanopoulos?”
“Say, ‘Be honest. You really thought John Edwards was a good guy.’”

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