What the World is Saying About Charlotte

We're a boomtown, a church town, a city of quirks and friendliness to advocacy (whatever that means)

Journalists, bloggers, visitors, delegates, and politicians have had a lot to say about Charlotte in the last few days (including plenty to say about the quality of our restaurant scene)—and will certainly have more to say in the days to come. Some even managed to write about Charlotte without mentioning the city's proximity to other places. 

Here's a sampling:

Via The Atlantic Cities, a story about how the city has grown and changed since the 1970s (and the first part of a three-part series): "Residents and city officials view the DNC as a national coming out party. In the past three decades, Charlotte has undergone a boom unprecedented in modern American history." 

From the New York Times' Political blog: "Welcome to Charlotte, a City of Quirks" (That sounds about right, actually.)

On the Huffington Post's Religion page, a Bishop ponders what he calls "strange things" happening in Charlotte. Looks like the definition of "strange" is up for interpretation. 

According to this story on Watchdog.org, our streets have "turned friendly" for advocacy during the DNC. Which must mean that our streets are un-friendly to advocacy on any other week of the year…

Think you know Charlotte? LA Times thinks it does. And actually, it might be a little bit right—although I'm not sure as a city we care quite so much about the weather (there are three weather-related questions in this quiz). There is a question about the city's proximity to another place, however, which definitely suits our signature close-to-mountains-and-beach boasts.

From Zocalo: A story in which someone writes that there's—surprise!—more to Charlotte than NASCAR and banking. Who knew?

I'll continue to update this post throughout the week. In the meantime, what stories have you read about the city? Have any made you proud? Angry? Both? 


Another to add to the list: this lovely story from Cindy Adams and the NY Post. The celebs and high-profile political people are staying in fancy private homes or at the Ritz-Carlton—Adams got stuck in a hotel in Rock Hill. (Hat tip to Peter Taylor)

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