What’s Happening: Carmen! Carmen! Bargain

Twenty five years ago, when yours truly was just a precious, drooling baby crawling around on the carpet, Carmen! Carmen! Salon was opening its doors in Charlotte and introducing an entire generation of classy, Southern women to the idea of a completely spa-like hair experience.

A quarter of a century later, Carmen Cutrona is still at it, and thousands of Charlotte ladies have had their coif created at his namesake salon. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Carmen! Carmen! salons, the patriarch has made a bold move: for a limited time, you can get your hair cut and styled at one of his salon’s for the same price you would have paid in 1983 – $20. Now, obviously you won’t be getting this cut-rate cut from Carmen himself (that is just pure lunacy, the man is a legend), but you can book this boffo deal with selected stylists and members of Carmen’s Young Artist Program at several Carmen! Carmen! salon locations (Cotswold, Ballantyne and Mallard Pointe).

You’ll want to jump on this asap, because the appointments have to be made and executed between now and December 31, 2008. You won’t have to worry about me stealing a coveted spot – I got the news about this fabulous deal the very same day that I paid $190 for my cut and color. Kicking. My. Self. (My hair does look fab though. C’est la vie.)

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