What’s Happening: Carrie’s Dress comes to the Queen City!

The only thing better than a fashion montage in a movie is a wedding fashion montage in a movie.  Last year’s SATC movie gave us BOTH, in ONE FILM.  No matter what your stance on Carrie et al.,  you’d be hard pressed to find a girl who doesn’t get a little giddy when watching wardrobe changes set to music, especially when they involve fabulous designers that we can only dream about being able to afford.  

Well all you montage loving mama’s,  get your credit cards ready…. to buy tickets to this fabulous fashion show!  Presented by Hayden Olivia Bridal, this runway show will feature FABULOUS gowns and other wedding fashion, but the centerpiece of it all will be the Vivienne Westwood gown that Carrie chose for her ill-fated nuptials to Mr. Big.  
 Hayden Olivia was selected as one of only 3 stores in the entire COUNTRY that will get to carry the gown this season, so if you’ve always fantasized about what it would be like to be Carrie, you’ll get your chance to come try on the dress or buy it and make it your own ! (If you do, may we suggest doing without the crazy peacock feather head piece. A veil will be fine.)

For more info on the event and to buy your ticket, go here.  Ticket’s are recession priced (aka affordable), and all proceeds go to Dress for Success, a non profit organization that provides professional clothing, confidence and career development skills to low-income women. 
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