What's Happening: Designer Consignment Sale at Post & Gray

Whoever came up with the idea of designer consignment was a genius. Of course, it’s predicated on the idea that people actually get tired of their designer posessions… something I have not ever experienced (hence my completely beat-up, worn-into-the-ground pair of Tory Burch crocodile wedges). However, I am THRILLED that other people tire of their gorgeous designer things so that the rest of us mortals can buy them at ridiculously discounted prices via consignment! Even post-holiday budgets can handle that, right? Let’s say yes.

Next week starting on January 14,  Post & Gray (the stylish sister store to Interiors Marketplace) is hosting a designer consignment sale for handbags, accessories, belts, shoes, jewelry, and fall and winter clothing. 

If you’ve got stuff to sell, you can drop it off anytime between now and January 13 at Interiors Marketplace.  The sale starts on the 14th at Post & Gray and goes until the goods are gone.  Also, can we be friends? I could use some friends with designer merch to spare.

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