What’s Happening: Diesel Turns 30

I like Diesel jeans. Once, a long, long time ago, I had a pair. Unfortunately, those are currently in a small section of my closet I like to call the “on the off chance I catch a rare strain of the flu and am unable to eat for six months, these will fit again” section.

However, I am a little tempted to invest in another pair because on Friday, at Diesel stores nationwide, they’ll be selling a limited edition pair of their jeans for $50 in honor of their 30th anniversary. The jeans will feature a patch with xXx and the dates 1978-2008—and did I mention they’re $50? That’s about $150 less than most pairs of Diesel jeans. (Interesting note: The jeans are actually 30 euros and 30 pounds in honor of 30 years. But, the exchange rate made it a little less catchy and more realistic here in the States.)

Unfortunately, there’s no Diesel store in Charlotte yet. Sigh. The closest boutique is Atlanta so if you’re in the mood for a road trip, you’d probably make up the price of gas on this deal on denim. Like, how I justify excessive spending for the sake of fashion? I could do this all day. -S