What’s Happening: Event at The Pink Hanger

As we all know, this weekend is Labor Day (counting down to three blissful days of sleeping in). And while that makes us happy because, well, we love three-day weekends and it kicks off the fall season, there is one small problem presented post Labor Day. Somehow this day has been deigned the day on which your entire wardrobe is supposed to shift into fall. It doesn’t matter that weather.com is currently telling me it will be 85 degrees next week. It also doesn’t matter that my seersucker dress and sandals are just as warm as my brown dress and heels. By this time next week I’m supposed to be wearing dark hues and close toed shoes.

Which is why this time of year is usually when we come up with those regrettable combinations like dark sun dresses with winter boots or sweaters with capri pants—you see the problem here? The solution: head over to The Pink Hanger tonight where you can sip cocktails, check out the latest trends, and get plenty of tips from their stylists on late summer-to-fall transitional pieces. And if we were you, we’d wear white. After all, it’s your last chance.