What’s Happening: Gossip Girl Season Premier tonight


It has been a long, hard summer of wondering what Blake Lively and Leighton Meester are going to wear on Gossip Girl this fall. Oh, and also, we’re a little curious as to what Serena and Blair have been up to.

Luckily for us, the cast can’t seem to stay out of magazines (Vanity Fair, New York Magazine and Cosmopolitan can’t stop raving about this trend setting group’s lives). Us on the other hand? We just can’t get enough of their wardrobe… and just the character of Chuck Bass, if we’re going to be honest.

Click below to see some of our favorite picks from their attire last season:

Sigerson Morrison gladiators on Lydia

Bluemarine dress on Blake

Tory Burch on Blake

Lorick New York on Blake and Leighton

Tibi dress on Leighton

Marc Jacobs dress on Leighton

Valentino bag on Taylor

Chinese Laundry boots on Blake

What’s your favorite? Please share.

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