What’s Happening: Liveblogging the Oscars

Greetings, Shoptalkers! Sarah and I are kickin’ it glamour-style at the Charlotte Symphony Oscar Party tonight, and you can follow all of our thoughts, comments and critiques of what is being worn on the red carpet (and in the room with us here at the party) by watching for updates on this blog, or heading over to Sarah’s Twitter. Stay with us here for all the hits, misses, mistakes and masterpieces of fashion this Oscar Night!

Without further adieu, let’s get blogging:

  • 6:35 pm – Jenn has arrived at Sarah’s house. We are both wearing dresses in the aubergine/merlot color family. We are totally okay with this. It is not the first, nor will it be the last, when two brilliant minds have thought alike when it comes to outfits.
  • 6:37 pm – Jenn is singing along with “Don’t Stop Believing” playing on Sarah’s iTunes. This is eerily similar to Jenn and Sarah’s pre-formal routines back in college. Freaky.
  • Love love loved the opening! Hugh Jackman is a surprise! Anne Hathaway should sing more! And don’t judge her opening outfit! It was a decoy! SWINTON- lord you creep me out. I adore a good Sister Act joke! Well done Whoopie! Congrats Penelope! you are still wearing a wedding dress. fyi!
  • Ok.. Sorry I was hard on penelopes dress. Her speech was precious. Tina Fey looks AMAZING. Radiant is only the word for it. Or perhaps Stunning.
  • We just missed Jen Aniston because of a live auction here in Charlotte. Bummertastic. Seriously someone buy this coat so we can go back to the show. What! more auction. Shoptalk is not amused.
  • Soooo not sure how much we missed during the auction break. We re entered at costume design. Apparently we didn’t miss much except team Angelina team Jen stuff. We are for team Jen. I am a sucker for a love montage. I hear Sarah Jessica Parker looked like the good witch Glenda from Wizard of Oz!
  • 11:06 pm – Sorry for the major delays in blogging. It appears that cell signal in the middle of the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center is spotty at best. Who knew. Recap of thoughts while I was out of signal range: I was watching Sarah twitter like mad while I was unable to post, and I am disturbed by the amount of haterade that was poured on the Broadway Musical showcase that Beyonce and Hugh Jackman did by members of the Tweetosphere. I understand that Beyonce has become annoyingly omnipresent, but the girl is incredibly talented, and I would rather watch a Broadway medley rather than a boring movie moments montage any day. I loved it. Also – Amanda Seyfried’s legs are INSANEly long.
  • Trends of the evening: sparkly silver column gowns, one-shoulder silhouettes, dark blue.
  • 11:11 pm – Queen Latifa is a woman who knows how to dress to accentuate her assets. I love that. She is radiant in royal blue. Sarah agrees, sort of.
  • 11:20 Reese Witherspoon, wearing dress #432 that is dark blue and has an asymmetrical shoulder accent. I don’t think she pulls off the seriously smoky eye/middle part updo as well as she might have hoped. A bit severe on you, Reese darling.
  • Remember how they promised, yet again, that this year’s show would be a STRICT 3 hour time limit? That dream went the way of the dinosaur 30 minutes ago. Just sayin’… you may want to stop promising things like that, some of us have actual jobs to go to tomorrow.
  • Trying in vain to figure out what is happening around the mid-section of Halle Berry’s dress.
  • I love that Anne Hathaway is fighting back tears right now. This chick went from THE PRINCESS DIARIES to an Oscar nom. Give the girl some kudos.
  • I hate to say this… but I am pretty sure I am not a fan of Kate Winslet’s updo. This crushes me, but I needed to be honest. It’s the onus of the styleblogger.
  • Sophia Loren… you are a legend. But – and I must stress this – you could use a stylist. You know, someone to tell you maybe to step away from the pouff sleeves and take the hair down a notch.
  • As mentioned earlier, I am not on board with Angelina’s baubles. I feel as though the oversize earrings and cocktail ring are so…. Emmy’s?
  • 11:31 pm KATE WINS!!!! Long, long, long overdue, my dear soon-to-be-BFF. You also get to claim the dark-blue-one-shoulder look for the night. There is a LOT going on with your gown, but I am going to give you a pass because you just waved to your daddy in the audience and now I am going to cry a bit.
  • Verdict: I like this whole past winners speaking about each major nominee. You can tell how much it means to the people being nominated to have these greats speak about them so intimately.
  • 11:40 pm By the by, Robin Wright Penn’s legs are worthy of an award all their own. If you don’t win this, Sean, take heart – at least you are married to those legs.
  • 11:41 pm It is just occurring to me how incredible it is that Brad Pitt is nominated for an Oscar. You know that when he showed up shirtless in Thelma and Louise, no one thought he’d make it here. Well done, you cutie you.
  • It is really hard to write about fashion when we are only being shown men in tuxes. I will say that Mickey Rourke is totally pulling off the Jack glasses. And Sean Penn is rocking the all-black tux. You gotta have texture. Texture is key to wear tone-on-tone or single color. That is the lesson of the day.
  • 11:43 pm Oscar goes to Sean Penn. Deserved I’d say. Though, I shouldn’t say anything because I have not seen any of the nominated films. Whoops.
  • I’ll be honest. I was hoping to get to hear a Mickey Rourke acceptance speech. At the Globes he thanked his dogs, and I wept like a baby.
  • I can’t see Steven Spielberg without thinking about Dawson Leery. Anyone else?
  • This montage has made me remember how much I love Good Will Hunting and Shakespeare in Love.
  • Here comes the big moment….
  • 11:53 pm Slumdog Millionaire takes home the big prize! Man. I am really going to have to see this movie, like, asap.
Goodnight Shop talk followers! Thanks for tuning in to this blog and our Twitter. We’ll be back tomorrow with photos and a style recap of the red carpet. If you’ve got thoughts on who looked fab and who should have thought twice, feel free to contact us with your comments!
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