What’s Happening: Men’s Sale at Nordstrom

Ok, folks. We all know that Sunday is Father’s Day. Personally, I’d rank this as the most difficult gift-giving holiday all year. I have a complete inability to get much more creative than a t-shirt for my dad. Which is convenient because typically the t-shirt category comes pretty close to me actually staying somewhat within my budget.

But, this year, I have a brilliant non-t-shirt idea. The Nordstrom half-yearly sale for men starts this Friday (June 19th). The sale features men’s apparel and shoes from top lines including Lacoste, Ferragamo, Tommy Bahama and more—all marked down 33% or more. Plus, right now they’re selling The Nordstrom Guide to Men’s Style ($19.95). From selecting appropriate cuts and accessories to creating your own personalized look, this is perfect for the guy (or dad) who could use a little fashion help.

So, shop Friday or Saturday, give your gift Sunday and by Monday Dad should be looking quite dapper. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

(The sale goes through July 1st, so go soon!)