What’s Happening: Miss Priss Closing !

Remember the other day when we posted about that awesome sale at Miss Priss in Ballantyne Village? It seemed totally too good to be true, right? $385 designer dresses sailing out the door for under $100? Must be a dream, right? 

Well, sadly, it sort of was too good to be true. Turns out, Miss Priss is going to close its fabulous doors in February, so now, EVERYTHING in the store is on sale, including furniture and fixtures.  It’s a sad loss for charlotte shoppers – the mix of styles stocked at this store were flawlessly chic and feminine, and shopping there always made me feel, uh, “like a woman”. You know, like a really classy, pulled together woman.   I will miss it dearly. 
Join me, won’t you, in saying goodbye to Miss Priss. The most fitting tribute, I think, would be to head over there and buy up as much ladylike goodness as my debit card can handle. Don’t you agree? 
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