What’s Happening: NYC Fashion Week

New York Fashion week is kicking off today!

The only thing that would make us more excited about this is if we were actually in New York. Unfortunately, we’re in Charlotte. (See blog name above) Don’t get us wrong, we’d prefer the Queen City over NYC any day… except during Fashion week.

For now though, we’re content to scour the web for images as they hit the runway (like this fantastic look in Peter Som’s RTW collection above) and sit smugly in the comfort of our ballet flats as New York fashionistas rush between shows in their stilettos. And while we will certainly be adding our two cents as the week progresses, we did want to offer a few links to sites that might be able to quench your “must know right now what Marc/Michael/Diane etc had on their runway for fall” desire.

For the latest shots and reviews from the runways, plus plenty of party coverage, check out Women’s Wear Daily.

For up to the minute shots from inside the shows and random coverage (who’s there, what they’re wearing, and whole lot about the blogger herself): Julia Allison’s blog and Twitter and her sidekick Mary’s blog.

For a peek at what people (who are not necessarily celebrities) are wearing to the shows, between the shows, and on the streets outside of the shows: The Sartorialist

For best all around coverage (probably the only place you’re going to find every. single. look. from the runway): Style.com (Vogue’s Web site)

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