What’s Happening: Real Simple Total Makeover Contest

In light of the economic crunch happening around the globe and in my checking account, I recently decided to cancel all of my magazine subscriptions – but not Real Simple.  Why? Because I often feel that just the act of READING Real Simple has somehow made me a more organized, socially conscious, stylish, inventive, talented, and creatively thrifty person, so it is actually like an investment rather than a frivolous expense for me to continue to subscribe to this bible of good living. 

Then, this morning in my inbox, (I always rush to open anything sent to my by Real Simple. You never know what it is going to be! A helpful household hint? A delicious recipe? What surprise awaits me today! Whoo hoo!) I got a wonderful surprise:  
Real Simple is giving away the opportunity to have your life totally made over by their experts. Your clothes, your diet, your fitness routine, your organizational style: all of it. You can be totally transformed head to toe, inside and and out, by the people who make it look oh-so-easy in the pages of their magazine. On top of that,  you get $3,000 cash to go on a shopping spree in Los Angeles. 
I hesitate to share this with you, dear readers, because I would prefer to keep the number of participants low and increase my odds of winning, but I can’t possibly be so selfish as to keep you in the dark about this incredible prize.  If you should win, please email me so that I can give you all the information you will need to tell the the Real Simple about my cool ideas for using mason jars (I have about six different uses and they are all precious). 
Best of luck to you! (I almost mean that.)
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