What’s Happening: Sale at Miss Priss in Ballantyne

After picking out some precious baby shower invites for my dear friend (and faithful Shoptalk reader) who is a mommy-to-be at Salutations in Ballantyne Village, I wandered over to Miss Priss to see if they had any decent sales on dresses – oh man. Boy oh boy. Aye mama mia. Holy Toledo. Sweet mercy.  A.k.a. YES THEY DID. 

Nearly everything in the store is 50% off, if not 65 or 75% percent off. That means Milly, Tibi, For Joseph, Lilly Pulitzer, the WORKS – and if that weren’t enough, it also includes styles from fall, holiday, as well as last season spring and summer, so not only can you stock up on cute sundresses to wear when the weather gets warm, you can buy stuff that can be worn right this very stylish second. 
So, you are probably wondering how many dresses I hauled outta there. The answer is none, because I had a meeting to get to, but I’ll be back. Possibly several times.  Perhaps I’ll see you there. Just stay away from the size 6 Milly, or risk the wrath of Jenn. Fair warning.
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