What’s Happening: TOMS Shoes

It’s hard to resist shoes. Period.

But, it’s pretty much impossible to resist shoes that come with a good deed attached, which is why we don’t even try when it comes to TOMS. For every pair of these Argentinean Alpargata-style comfy shoes that you buy, the company’s founder Blake Mycoskie (that’s him above) gives a pair to a child in need.

Now, whether you were cheering on Sarah Palin last night or are caught up in Obamania, you can support you fav candidate in style with TOMs shoes featuring elephants or donkeys. Still can’t decide? They even offer shoes for the split decision voters.

Either way, TOMs definitely gets our vote.

You can find TOMs shoes in Charlotte at poole shop in Phillips Place or online at www. tomsshoes.com.

(photo courtesy of TOMs)

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