Where are They Now?

Rasslers, rogues, and rapscallions. The original Hornets and Panthers. A guy in a Speedo, a serial killer, and The Group who built modern-day Charlotte. We tracked down 70 newsmakers from the past few decades, and their stories spill over the following 24 pages


Mel Stewart / by Mike Giglio

George Shinn / by Adam Norris

The 1988-89 Charlotte Hornets / by Jarvis Holliday

1995 Carolina Panthers / by Jarvis Holliday


The Group / by Ken Garfield

The Gang of Five / by Jen Pilla Taylor

Dorothy Counts / by Jen Pilla Taylor

Isabel Day / by Mike Giglio

Henry Louis Wallace / by Mike Giglio


Jim Bakker / by Ken Garfield

Andrew Reyes / by Mike Giglio

Kevin Geddings/ by Mike Giglio


Ben Long / by Richard Maschal

Harry Wolf / by Richard Maschal

Jay Thomas / by Mike Giglio


In the 1970s and 1980s, under the leadership of promoter Jim Crockett Sr., Charlotte was a hot spot for professional wrestling, just as the “sport” was beginning to take off. Even after Ted Turner bought Crockett’s company and moved it to Atlanta, many “rasslers” stuck around.

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