Where to Learn an Instrument in 2014

Always wanted to play? Here’s your chance
At Community School of the Arts, instructor Pam Greenwood helps 4-year-old Mary Kaitlin Davis play the trumpet. The uptown school has been offering music lessons for more than 40 years.

In a city with no shortage of homegrown talent, these music schools serve students of all ages and skill levels—teaching everything from the French horn to the mandolin. 

Southern Park Music School
Lessons Offered:
 bass guitar, cello, drums, flute, guitar, organ, piano, string bass, trumpet, viola, voice, clarinet, euphonium, French horn, saxophone,
trombone, tuba, violin
Why You Should Check Them Out: They offer lessons on a wide range of instruments (euphonium, anyone?). “Many of our students have gone on to music schools across the country,” says director Michael Lehtinen. 
Cost: $27 for 30 minutes, $40.50 for 45 minutes, and $54 for an hour
How to Sign Up: 704-676-1002, southernparkmusicschool.com

Piedmont School of Music & Dance
Lessons Offered:
 drums, guitar, piano, voice, violin
Why You Should Check Them Out: For young students, the school encourages parents to visit class, so they can understand the target sound for their child’s practice time.
Cost: Prices vary. Call for pricing.
How to Sign Up: 704-971-2011, music-dance.org

Howren Music & Sound
Lessons Offered:
 drums, guitar, woodwinds, ukulele, piano, voice, brass, banjo, violin, viola, cello, bass
Why You Should Check Them Out: The legendary music store’s ukulele lessons are a big hit, partly because of the accessibility of the four-stringed instrument. “We have several ukulele instructors now, since it’s become so popular,” says company president Dennis Howren. 
Cost: $19 per 30 minutes
How to Sign Up: 704-525-5073, howrenmusic.net 

Community School of the Arts
Lessons Offered:
 piano, flute, voice, French horn, tuba, violin, oboe, trumpet, viola, clarinet, trombone, percussion, cello, saxophone, baritone, guitar
Why You Should Check Them Out: “The school has been around for over 40 years,” says Devlin McNeil, president and executive director. “It was founded on the principle that everyone should have access to arts education.” As part of its all-inclusive approach, the school offers financial aid.
Cost: $26 for 30 minutes, $37.50 for 45 minutes, and $49 for an hour
How to Sign Up: 704-377-4187,  csarts.org

Charlotte Music School
Lessons Offered: 
drums, guitar, piano, voice, bass, violin
Why You Should Check Them Out: A music technology lab provides an added bonus, with software that allows students to hone skills such as music theory, historical knowledge, and ear training.
Cost: $30.95 for 45 minutes
How to Sign Up: 704-295-7676, charlottemusicschool.com

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