Why You Should Use a Travel Agency Instead of Booking Your Own Vacation

Why You Should Use a Travel Agency Instead of Booking Your Own Vacation

Craving a vacation? Wanderlust has a powerful pull—and we’re not opposed. Getting away and truly disconnecting from your day-to-day responsibilities can work wonders for the mind, body, and soul.

Unfortunately, though, simply planning the trip can wear you out before you ever embark on your adventure! Skip the extra stress this season and let a travel agency do the work for you. Not only will you love not having to worry, but there are a few additional pluses to using a travel agent as opposed to wrangling your own resources.

5 Perks of Using a Travel Agency Instead of Planning Your Own Vacation

If you’re one of those people who always gets stuck planning the getaway, this time, treat yourself to the unparalleled service of a travel agency such as Charlotte-based Mann Travels. You might be surprised at all the perks that come with a third-party planner.

1. Indispensable Insight

The moment you decide to take a trip, what’s the first thing you do—hop online and start researching? Though there is probably a ton of information on the web about traveling to any destination you can imagine, that’s exactly the problem: There’s too much chatter! It can take hours and hours to sift through various “resources,” with each one suggesting different tips than the last. Information overload can easily discourage you from booking your dream vacation. Not only that, but do you really trust these strangers online with planning your personal vacation?

Instead of having to learn and research everything on your own time, a travel agent can give you fast insight about any place you want to go. A travel consultant is an expert in the field, which means his or her experience and insight will far outweigh the glut of information found online. These savvy planners will leverage their knowledge of the finest cruises, hotels and resorts, tours, and activities to curate a vacation tailored specifically to your desires and interests. No more comparing 20 different websites just to find a hotel!

2. Exclusive Insider Access

Because travel agencies specialize in planning trips for their clients, they have been able to foster incredible relationships with the best travel brands in the business. These time-honored relationships mean that your travel agent will be able to provide you with insider connections in a variety of destinations across the globe. You’ll always receive preferential treatment, exclusive savings, behind-the-scenes access, and complimentary extras when you book through a company like Mann Travels. Now, imagine trying to secure those same amazing perks on your own—it’s pretty much impossible.

3. Extra Time

If you’ve ever planned any type of vacation, you know just how time-consuming it can be. Not only does it take time, but trip-planning also requires patience and perseverance—especially if you’re booking various hotels, flights, and activities for one long vacation. And let’s not even get into what the planning process looks like when you’re booking for a big group! Starting your vacation stressed out is no way to spend your time off.

Planning can be a full-time job, hence the reason there are professionals out there! With a trusted travel advisor, you get all the time back that you would’ve spent trying to coordinate many moving pieces. Your travel agent will organize all the logistics—from coordinating your friends’ and family’s itineraries to finding the best guides in a foreign country to mapping out complex airline routings. What would you do with all the free time you save with a travel advisor?

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4. VIP Treatment

Consider your travel agent your personal concierge. Your preferences and interests are unique, and your vacation should be the same. Otherwise known as a travel designer, your advisor will thoughtfully craft or “design” every moment of the trip, so that you can experience everything and anything you want during your getaway. From arranging a tour at your favorite museum to securing your ideal mode of transportation (sleek airport limo, anyone?), a travel agent will handle all the little details to make your trip match your interests. You’ll feel like a celebrity with all the personalized perks!


5. Peace-of-Mind

Lastly, there is perhaps nothing more valuable than the peace-of-mind that comes with using a travel agent instead of planning your own vacation. With a travel advisor, you can explore new places with confidence—no setback is surprising to your advisor, because he or she has already prepared for the unforeseeable hiccups. Travel agents expect the unexpected for you and anticipate your needs so that they can solve any problem with ease. Even if your trip is problem-free, simply knowing that your travel consultant is taking care of you and ready to step in at any moment is often enough reason to work with a travel agency. The last thing you want on vacation is for something to go wrong and you not knowing how to fix it! As your advocate, your travel designer is there to support you every step of the way—from the planning stages to the airport terminal to the time you return to home sweet home.


Ready for your one-of-a-kind, stress-free getaway? You can save time and money when you call Mann Travels at 800-343-6266 or fill out this form to get a quote on a personal travel agent. Or, visit the website for more information, travel tools, and other helpful trip-planning resources. If you want to meet a travel consultant one-on-one, head to a Mann Travels office near you.

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