Window Treatment

Boris & Natasha 

Boris & Natasha


The windows of some of our favorite Charlotte shops are looking especially creative and fashion-forward these days. We've picked a few worth slowing down for the next time you're driving around town.

Boris + Natasha

Casey Lassiter and Blair Keyter are the design divas behind the window designs at this Plaza Midwood boutique. Freelance associate Elizabeth Tolley was the brains behind the recent floral hair for the mannequins. "Our mannequins have no hair, so we've had to make ‘wigs' out of everything from flowers to balloons to paper," says Tolley.


The collaborative efforts of Jennie Cline and Leah Hickman are behind the fashionable windows at Capitol. Cline styles the mannequins while Hickman works on the installations. The ideas have run the gamut from using local history, the work of artists such as Selena Beaudry, and using found materials like feathers, yarn, cupcake liners, and buttons.

Elizabeth House Flowers

Francesco Dean has been designing and installing the window displays for the past three years at this South Boulevard floral shop. "I get my inspiration from windows in New York, things I see when I'm traveling, and by using decorative accessories we have here in the shop," says Dean.
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