Wish List Time

This issue will mark the seventh December in a row that I have escaped writing a traditional editor's note by instead suggesting a few holiday gift ideas for some local notables. But before we get to this year's list, I thought I would review a few of last year's requests and see how they turned out. In some cases, it appears as if thank-you's are in order. In others, well, I've got my fingers crossed for this year:

For the new school board, a better sense of priorities. Hint: It's not about you. Maybe next year.

For schools super Peter Gorman, patience in dealing with the school board as they work on their priorities. Well played, Pete.

For Center City Partners' Michael Smith, the finishing touches on the remarkable deal to bring a minor-league baseball stadium to uptown. But please don't further carve up the much-needed urban park. Still working on this one. But at least the park seems intact.

For the district attorney's office, all the help they need. Still not there, but the state came through with a little money, and local government chipped in a little more.

For the police department, the same. Hello, Chief Rodney Monroe!

For Coach Bob McKillop and the Davidson Wildcats men's basketball team, an NCAA tournament victory -- or three. Did I seriously ask for this? Damn, I must have been on the "nice list" last year!

For the Charlotte Bobcats, continued hustle and teamwork. And a little luck. And good health. The victories will take care of themselves. And then the fans will show up. Then again...

For Jake Delhomme, a full recovery. I have a feeling that Steve Smith, and pretty much everyone else associated with the Panthers, will be wishing for the same thing. Thanks to the football gods for this one.

For the South Corridor light rail line, a smooth opening and full cars. You're welcome, CATS.

OK, enough nostalgia. Time for the 2008 version.

For the U.S. National Whitewater Center, a business model that works. Because the place is cool.

For the local United Way chapter, an audit.

For all of the United Way agencies, this community's full support.

For Charlotte Bobcats coach Larry Brown, a magic wand.

For Charlotte Bobcats owner Robert Johnson, a willing buyer.

For the Carolina Panthers, dare I ask, a Super Bowl victory?

For the next Charlotte mayor, whether it is Pat McCrory or someone else, the same enthusiasm and commitment to the job that McCrory (whether you agree with his politics or not, the man worked hard) had for the past seemingly hundred years or so.

For CATS, godspeed on the next light rail line.

For Customshop and Carpe Diem, two excellent restaurants that made our list of the best, an end to the interminable road construction in front of their buildings.

For Charlotte's other fine locally owned restaurants -- and other businesses for that matter -- ringing cash registers this holiday season and all year long.

For all of Charlotte's bank employees, an end to the madness and some new job security.

For the board of Wachovia, a collective lump of coal.

Richard Thurmond, editor@charlottemagazine.com

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