Worth the Wait

Scouting homes in Charlotte for this magazine is really an enjoyable thing to do. Who wouldn't want to see the inside of a well-designed house that would otherwise be off limits to the public? But along with scouting often comes waiting. Waiting for a home I know I want to feature in the magazine, but which I also know won't be complete for months, maybe even a year or two.


Such was the case with two of the four features in this issue. I met Vicki Medall back in the summer of 2006 at her south Charlotte home. At that point, the home was nothing more than drywall. But I could tell from speaking with Vicki and seeing the impressive bones of the structure that this house was one I’d be willing to wait on.

Around that same time I met with Erin Voorhoff, co-owner of Luxe Home Couture in Dilworth. Erin mentioned the home of Adair Kenny, which interior designer and Luxe co-owner Aida Saul had designed. Knowing Aida and Erin’s great tastes and abilities to create impressive interiors, I knew I had to have this home. It would be a year until I actually saw the inside of the Kennys’ house on Museum Drive, and about nine months thereafter that we’d finally feature it in this magazine.

Both, as you’ll see, were worth the wait.

Luckily, not all of my scouting means being so patient. Within months of introductory conversations with interior designer Barrie Benson, we were graciously invited into her Foxcroft home with architect husband Matt to photograph and include in this issue. The situation was no different with Randy and Brandon Wells. I met Randy in the summer of 2006, but it wasn’t until we shot the couple for an item on Valtekz (a locally based luxurious faux leather company) in a previous issue that I fell in love with their Robinson Woods home. Months later, we were setting up shop in their family room for yet another photo shoot.

These four homes are just a sampling of the fantastic residences I’ve been privy to seeing over the past two years. Not only that, these four truly paint a clear picture of where home design in Charlotte is going—a seamless partnership of old and new; chic modern elements coupled with edgy retro looks. If they’re any indication, design here is thriving.

In addition to these features, you’ll also find a piece on incorporating feng shui in your home, our favorite eco-friendly paints, coffee table books for the design savvy, plus much more.


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