You Lost it…And won’t ever find it

Between a mind-numbing flight delay and booking it from terminal A to E for a connection (sigh), it's no wonder travelers accidentally leave behind iPods, handbags, and even chainsaws. One hundred and twenty items were turned into CLT's lost-and-found in September alone. Here's a look at the most common (and absurd) items you'll find there and what happens when no one comes back for them

Most common: Jackets, glasses/sunglasses, cell phones, strollers, books, cameras.

Strangest: Chainsaw, window air-conditioning unit, convection oven, bag of college color-guard flags, large stereo speakers.

What happens when they're not claimed: The operations department tries to locate the passengers if there's identifying info on the items. If the items go unclaimed, they're donated to local charities.