Your Guide to Charlotte's Beer Scene

Charlotte—and North Carolina—is in the midst of a beer revolution, and we’ll drink to that.
Photograph by Chris Edwards

Lagers and stouts, pale ales and pilsners, IPAs and lambics — it’s all covered in our ultimate guide to the burgeoning Charlotte beer scene. You say you prefer Bud, thank you very much? That’s OK, we’ve got advice for how to navigate those fancy beer lists, plus beer-themed day trips, tips on how to brew your own, a Tarheel beer tasting, and more. Bottoms up!

My Brew Heaven: You’ll want to raise a glass to — and at — each of the thirty-five places on this list.

The Fight For Better Beer Here: North Carolina is the best beer state in the Southeast. It wasn’t always that way.

Will Travel For Beer: Charlotte is surrounded by great beer. Here’s a guide to Asheville, also known as Beer City USA.

A Year of Beer: So you need an excuse to drink good beer? You’ll find it at these brew-themed events occurring throughout the region.

Style Guide: There are dozens upon dozens of styles of beer out there, all waiting for you to sample. But there’s no reason to be intimidated.

Tar Heel Tasting: With forty-plus breweries in the state, each producing several different beers, North Carolina has become a beer lover’s haven. So we asked Michael Brawley to put together a tasting of Tar Heel brews for our panel.

Brew Your Own: It’s a natural progression: you like beer, then you like good beer, and then, inevitably, you want to try making your own beer.

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