Zen, Contemporary Rooms at the Marriott City Center

Minimalist design and fun features make the new Stay Well rooms a step up from your average hotel experience.
Alyssa Ruane

A lot of times when you stay at a hotel (a chain like Marriott, nonetheless), you know what you’re getting. You know the rooms will have the standard hotel fare—a bed, a desk that rarely gets used, a stiff armchair, a mini fridge, etc. But that’s not the case with the new Stay Well rooms at the Marriott. You get a whole lot more.


I recently had the opportunity to check out one of the Stay Well rooms at the Marriott City Center. I had read about the special features they were promoting, but I still didn’t know what to expect. Upon entering the room, my immediate reaction was, “Wow, it’s so… Zen.”


Zen is not a word I use lightly because, in summation, my life is chaos. Few things bring me relaxation. This room was one of those rare things.


Natural Elements

The culprit for my immediate calmness was the infusion of natural elements throughout the room. Much of the furniture was wooden. There were no bright colors (besides the lighting, which I’ll get into later). Keeping with a neutral color palette, the room did not overwhelm me visually. Even the walls were a sandy hue with a tad of texture—no tacky wallpapers, and no artwork, either.


Alyssa Ruane

The closet was an open-shelf design, with modern clean lines. Above, the "Play" mood lighting glows.

Contemporary Shapes

To balance out the natural vibe, the furniture silhouettes were undoubtedly modern. Nothing about this room was vintage or charming like you might find in a bed and breakfast. Everything from the nightstand to the open-shelved closet to the wooden wall paneling was sleek with sharp edges. Squares and rectangles were dominant shapes, making for an overall design consistency throughout the room. The style was mature.


Smart Layout

The minimalist approach of this room made me feel like I wasn’t bombarded with bulky furniture that wasn’t needed. There was a long, cushy couch lining the window with a small, round table in front, which made actually staying in the room enjoyable. I didn’t have to eat my room service in the bed and risk getting it messy, and I didn’t have to awkwardly stare at a wall while eating it on a desk (we’ve all been there). Walking around was easy, and there was no chance for losing any personal items underneath the bed or couch because the furniture was attached to the ground.


Fun Details

Alyssa ruane

Underneath the generously sized mounted TV, a teak bench sat with the air purifier next to it.

Though the room seems to be standard at face value, once you take a closer look at the amenities, you realize just how cool these Stay Well rooms are. First, there’s an air purifier as well as aromatherapy. I was very surprised to walk into the room and not get blasted with that stuffy hotel room smell (you know the kind). The air stayed fresh and pleasant through the next morning, despite having food in the room overnight.

Next, there was mood lighting. I particularly enjoyed this feature because I often have a hate-hate relationship with hotel room lighting. The mood lighting had four settings: Circadian, Relax, Energize, and Play. "Play" was a fun, fuchsia glow that made the room feel like a little club. Another helpful feature was lighting that subtly glowed from the bed’s base if you got up in the middle of the night. The purpose of the bed lighting was to make sure you could find your way around at night without waking anyone else in the room—something I always struggle with, often bumping into walls and other miscellaneous obstacles.



The Stay Well rooms at the Marriott have plenty of other wellness features designed to make the guest’s stay relaxed and comfortable. There’s a Vitamin C shower head as well as a dawn simulator light to wake you up naturally in the morning. Overall, the room gracefully combines natural elements with minimalist, contemporary design, making for a calming environment that doesn’t feel too much like a chain hotel. The additional lighting and air features are modern touches with a purpose. If maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the road is on your list of musts or you simply want a different hotel experience, Marriott’s Stay Well rooms will do the trick.


The Charlotte Marriott City Center has 22 Stay Well rooms, and other properties that have recently added them are the Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Richmond Marriott Short Pump, the Residence Inn Orlando Lake Nona, and the Courtyard Orlando Lake Nona. Visit the Stay Well website to learn more. 

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