Zink. American Kitchen is Closing

Harper’s restaurant Group has announced the closing of its restaurant, Zink, which is currently located at 201 North Tryon Street in the IJL building. In a press release, Tom Sasser, the owner and president of Harper’s Restaurant Group said the location has been purchased for non-restaurant use and that "The buyer has indicated that the space will be renovated for office or possibly retail purposes."

Fifth Third Bank will be putting its name on the building and there has been some speculation that the current Zink location will actually become a Fifth Third bank branch. Regardless of what it becomes, it will no longer be serving its popular lobster roll sliders on its street side patio and that is certainly something worth lamenting.

Want to get in your last bites at Zink? On the restaurant’s last night (July 31), the chef will be offering a "Toast to Zink" menu featuring guest favorites. Also, Mimosa Grill, another Harper’s Group restaurant, will begin serving Saturday lunch and offer a Sunday lunch buffet following the closing of Zink.

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