Charlotte Chefs Sound Off on Food Waste

Hoping to go green in your kitchen? We asked local chefs how to make sure what comes into your kitchen doesn’t leave in a trash bag.

How can people reduce food waste at home?

“One thing that motivates me to reduce waste at home is buying high-quality ingredients. When we spend a little more for a beautiful, locally grown or locally produced product, we get more mileage out of it because we’re unwilling to let any part go in the trash or get lost in the back of the fridge.”

—Ashley Bivens Boyd, 300 East

“Think like a chef. Plan, budget, and use. Be attentive to your inventory; don’t overbuy. Take items like collard stems and pickle them, or make a chow chow, or make pesto out of veggie tops. You wouldn’t throw a dollar bill away, why waste those stems or carrot tops you paid for?”

—Marc Jacksina, Earl’s Grocery

“Cut back on how much you buy. Make sure what you buy, you can utilize for multiple things to prevent food spoilage.”

—Blake Hartwick, Bonterra​



“Start composting and reach out to people that can utilize it. Plan your meals and buy only what you need. Make a mise en place (or prep) list.”

—Nicholas Tarnate, Aix en Provence and Le Cochon D’Or

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